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How to Choose the Right Building Estimating Service ?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023


My Project Estimating Building Estimating Service

Choosing the right building estimating service is crucial for obtaining an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective evaluation of a construction project. Here's a guide to help you make the right decision:

Key Factors to Consider:

  1. Experience

    • Look for an estimator with a proven track record in the industry.

    • Consider their experience with projects similar to yours in size and scope.

    • Check references and reviews from previous clients.

  1. Technology Used

    • Ask about the software and tools they use to provide accurate estimates.

    • Ensure they are using up-to-date technology that adheres to industry standards.

  1. Cost

    • Obtain multiple quotes to compare prices.

    • Be cautious of extremely low or high quotes; the cheapest option may not always be the best.

    • Understand what's included in the price to avoid hidden costs.

  1. Reputation

    • Research their reputation through online reviews and ask for client references.

    • Consult with colleagues and industry contacts for recommendations.

  1. Communication and Responsiveness

    • Evaluate their communication skills and responsiveness during the selection process.

    • Ensure they are available to answer questions and provide updates throughout the project.

  1. Licensing and Certification

    • Confirm that they have the necessary licenses and certifications in your jurisdiction.

    • Check with relevant regulatory bodies to verify their credentials.

  1. Understanding of Local Regulations and Codes

    • Ensure they are familiar with local building codes and regulations that may impact the project.

Tips on What to Look For and Questions to Ask:

  • Ask for a Sample Estimate: Request a sample estimate from a similar project to understand their approach and the level of detail they provide.

  • Inquire About Their Process: Ask about their methodology for collecting data and how they handle changes during construction.

  • Ask for a Timeline: Discuss the timeline for receiving the estimate and whether they can meet your deadlines.

  • Question About Collaboration: Understand how they work with other contractors, architects, and stakeholders in the project.

  • Discuss Potential Challenges: Talk about potential challenges in your project and how they would address them.

  • Evaluate Their Understanding of Your Project: Provide them with project details and evaluate how well they understand your specific needs.

Sample Questions to Ask:

  • "Can you share references from similar projects?"

  • "What software or tools do you use for estimating, and how do they ensure accuracy?"

  • "How do you handle changes in the project once the estimate is provided?"

  • "What are your fees, and what services are included in this cost?"

  • "How do you stay updated with local building regulations and codes?"

  • "What's your experience with projects of this size and complexity?"

  • "Can you provide a written contract detailing the scope of services, timeline, and costs?"


Selecting the right building estimating service requires careful consideration of their experience, technology, cost, and several other factors. Thorough research, asking the right questions, and evaluating their understanding of your specific needs will help you fi

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