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My Project Estimating Services for Your Construction Needs

My Project Estimating are independent building cost estimators who can assist you in saving time and money on your construction projects.

My Project Estimating provides professional construction estimating services to a diverse range of clients. From labour only estimating for single tradesmen, extensions and loft conversions for building contractors to high value residential and commercial projects for main contractors, we can provide an estimating solution to meet your requirements.

Assisting our clients with labour rate and overhead appraisals where required, we ensure that the estimates we provide for you are competitive and profitable.


Whatever you need to build, our experts will provide detailed and accurate budget estimating and cost planning services on your project so that you are better informed at the initial stages of a project.

My Project Estimating are carrying out construction estimating service for general builders, architects and homeowners on various extensions, refurbishments and new builds with values ranging from £10k up to £20 million. At My Project Estimating Ltd we understand the importance of construction estimating services. Whether it be offering construction estimating services to builders and contractors or construction estimating service to private clients, developers and architects, our exclusive construction estimating service helps all our customers get a grasp on their anticipated construction costs. We work on a wide variety of projects from small residential new builds up to large commercial new builds and everything in-between. Our estimators will ensure they include any assumptions or exclusions they have made and all details will be clear within the estimate. The key objective of My Project Estimating Ltd  is to ensure you get a document which gives you an accurate indication of the build costs.


We produce accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities for private clients and main contractors tendering on projects to assist them in submitting competitive tenders for their projects

At My Project Estimating Ltd, we pride ourselves as Specialists in Bills of Quantities Production, it is our livelihood. We have, and still produce Bills of Quantities for the top building contractors in the UK. Contracts range in value from individual trade packages to £ 20M Projects complete.

We produce our bills in accordance with the Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7) and the New Rules of Measurement (NRM2), however, the majority of our clients favour the former.

Utilising the latest software from a sole construction software provider, Building Works. everything we do on our on-screen take off, BQ Production, Earthworks measurement etc. works together harmoniously, as one.  We can issue our bills both electronically and/or hard copy format upon request. Electronic formats include ConQuest, CITE, Excel and PDF. We do take an active interest in BIM and other building modelling software which can offer us the facility to measure from models, which can provide us with efficient check quantities.


It is essential that you have help for the construction cost plan if you are going to start a household or commercial building project and are unsure of the expenditures that may arise.

A realistic estimate that has been agreed upon by all stakeholders will help to ensure that everything that happens afterward, from the winning contractor's tender to the project's final cost, is in conformity with that estimate. Continuous observation allows for early detection of the risk of overspending and rapid response.

The quantity surveyor first creates a rough estimate as the first step in the cost planning process. Next, cost targets are defined based on these factors. These cost targets are compared to the architect's specifications as the design develops to ensure there are no under- or overspending issues. In an effort to lower the tender price, the astute quantity surveyor will also constantly search for methods of streamlining the details without changing the design.


Any project estimation method must include a material takeoff step. Making a list of the supplies and quantities needed to finish the project in question is involved. You'll need current architectural plans, project plans, or blueprints in order to use our material takeoff service.

My Project Estimating specialise in preparing material takeoffs and material lists for every construction trade.
One of our construction estimators will quantify from the blueprints, all the materials and accessories needed for your trade. It will be in Microsoft Excel, in the format you need,
so you can send it out to bid quickly.


Our planning and scheduling expertise frequently support owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and investors on challenging construction and engineering projects.

Every component of a building project is under the supervision of our planning and scheduling services, which guarantee that maximum performance results in long-term success. In accordance with the contract and project criteria, My Project Estimating offer the tools necessary to properly target, measure, coordinate, and forecast the project throughout its life cycle. We also offer an understanding of the sequencing, impact of change, and crucial regions.


We provide an effective and high-quality service that helps architects, general contractors, subcontractors, and private clients by using the most up-to-date quantity surveying and estimating computer tools to produce precise and detailed tender papers.

In terms of the contract documents, after the client has decided to award the contract, My Project Estimating would then write and prepare the relevant Contract Documentation and incorporate any agreed amendments that may have been made post-tender. Forms of Contract, either custom or standard, would be filled up, and we would make arrangements for the Client and the chosen contractor to sign the Contract.


By constantly meeting the needs and expectations of each client, as well as by completing projects on schedule, under budget, and at a higher value to the owner, we want to put our mark on every project we do. My Project Estimating takes pleasure in delivering high-caliber products on schedule.


We Are Trustworthy

Our Construction Estimating service is based on an open, honest approach to all projects that we are engaged in.

We Are Guaranteed

We are yet to miss a client deadline in over 10 years of producing Building Estimates, so rest assured we will always meet your deadlines.

We Are Experienced

With over 30 years combined experience as Quantity Surveyors and Building Estimators, you can trust you are in safe hands.

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